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Air Section

The air section has been flying from Chapel Farm Ripley in Surrey since 1995. Since the formation of the club the intention was always to have a permanent site and to try and make the section both strong and active.

Over the last few years the infrastructure has been put in place to help reach these goals; we now have a site that allows flying for six days of the week. A 100m take off and landing strip along with an all weather shelter for those cold winter days means that flying is possible virtually throughout the year.

One of the main events of the year at the site is the long established open day when friends and family can come and see what we get up to. Over recently months there have been some inter club aerobatic competitions as well as the annual Hanger Queens Ball. This encourages members to get those special aircraft out of the garage and into the air. The annual club Concours d'Elegance attracts some first class models into the competition; it also acts as a window on what members are currently up to and encourages others to go ahead with that building project that they have been putting off.

Most weekends will see at least one aircraft of each discipline in the air, currently this does not include I/C turbine jets but our very active electric ducted fan section must fly some of the best and cutting edge aircraft in the country and they are always willing to share their knowledge with the rest of us. This goes for scale, electric, aerobatic and gliding disciplines within the club along with a small but growing helicopter section.

I hope this gives you a feel for the club and section, and we are always happy for like-minded people to come down and visit at weekends.

Happy and safe flying.

Liam Walsh
Aircraft Section Secretary

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