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How to install a failsafe system using a Switchblade failsafe for 1/5 scale petrol models. For this instal I'm using a KM Baja from RCModelz.

Phil Upton

The Switchblade failsafe unit gives you the ability to remote kill your engine from your transmitter, which is a must if you are to run petrol cars at EMC.

The switchblade unit will also go into 'kill mode' if your receiver battery dies, or you loose radio signal (i.e switching off transmitter) making it the complete safety system.

Completely water tight

You must have a 3 channel radio system with a spare channel available in order to use this unit.

Other Kill Switches are available here RCModelz

Wiring up the kill switch is fairly simple, the red and black wires from the module need to be solder onto the same colour wires on the kill switch that comes with your car.

I found it's a good idea to push the wires through the protective sleeving before you strip and tin the wires ready for soldering onto the tabs.

After fitting the tabs back onto the ignition coil replace it back onto the engine. To get the correct gap between the flywheel and ignition coil place a bit of card between them and tighten up.

The next step is to work out a route back to the radio box for the wire, I use a XT60 between the switch and radio box which makes it easier to separate for cleaning and maintenance.

Looking at the radio box from the top, all the kill switch parts fit with plenty of room. I've routed the blue LED to the front and the wire to the kill switch at the back.

The kill switch signal and power plug needs to go to an Aux channel or 3rd channel on the receiver so you can a-sign a switch to cut the power.

Blue LED installed at the front, you can see it from the side and top of the car when it is on.